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Stickerbomb Wrap

Looking to wrap your ride in a custom Stickerbomb print? This is the stuff you are looking for. As the name suggests, Stickerbombs are stickers that can be applied to any panel you want, protecting your car or motorbike’s paint from sand and gravel flying off the wheels. Dynamic Vinyl Wrapping’s Stickerbomb wraps come in a melange of themes and designs, from Japanese superheroes, black and white art, 90s era cartoons, street graffiti, Internet pop culture art, and plenty more.

Unlike full paint jobs, Stickerbomb wraps are easy to apply on your car, motorbike, van, truck or whatever you can think of, providing protection and style in one convenient package.

Our Stickerbomb wraps are made from commercial grade high-density urethane vinyl films, and can be used to wrap bonnets, boot lids, mirrors, spoilers —in short, just about anything that can take a Stickerbomb.